WMM Thriller's Little Bandit

"Bandit" / stallion / 2006 / silverdapple overo

This little boy is a real eye catcher in the pasture, he's so funny and is always running and bucking around. He's a very small and refined silver dapple overo colt, with a wide blaze and 2 bright blue eyes.

Bandit has been sold to Mariska van der Voort, Stal de Wiekseberg. We wish Mariska lots of fun and success with this beautiful gelding!

In Memoriam
On 28th September 2007 while his castration was being carried out, Thriller's Little Bandit did not come out of the anesthesia... The whole operation went perfectly, all the time Bandit was very stabile and we were waiting for him to wake up when suddenly his breathing and heart stopped. We stood there with him, applied heart massage and all, but unfortunately nothing helped... Very, very sad, also for Mariska with whom Bandit would have had a wonderful life.

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