27 October 2014

Next year in April, Seahorse Buckeroo Arabian Passion will be joining ranks here. Every time I asked Aline if Passion was for sale, every time that was not the case. But then, all of a sudden, I got the news that I could buy her! I am over the moon with the opportunity to own this beautiful mare and thus reinforce our breeding programme. Thank you very much, Aline, Simonne and Raymond of Alsira Horses!

In Spring 2015, Passion will be covered by Little Kings Byzantine Buck, a gorgeous palomino pinto stallion, World Champion producer & Top Ten Futurity Sires 2013. So, even though it still takes a long time, we are very much looking forward to Passion's arrival indeed!

13 October 2014

WMM Thrillers Drop Dead Gorgeous is sold. She will be exported to Sparkling Miniature Horses in France; we wish Christelle Houche Morel all the best with this beautiful mare!



6 October 2014

Last Spring, I bought a new mare: SHM Westernboys Eternal Flame. I bought Flame to complement my breeding programme, because she has a truly amazing pedigree and I expect a lot from her. Thank you to Simone Michels for letting me have Flame.

Flame is in foal for 2015 by WMM Velvet’s Impressive Buckeroo.

12 September 2014

At the AMHA European Championship 2014, hosted by ICAMH, WMM John's Golden Rebel became European Champion yearling stallions over 30" up to and incl 32", followed by European Reserve Grand Champion junior stallion!

I'm a really proud breeder, stunned because of all the great results that Rebel accomplished this show season. Thank you so much Alsira Horses for everything you did, you're a wonderful trainer and a great person. I am very glad we got to know each other this well and I think I may say that we have become friends during the season. Also a big "thank you" to Simonne and Raymond for all they have done!

Last but not least, I want to wish Elevage de la Buise, Kevin Lathouwers and Tanja Cremers a lot of luck and success with this awesome young stallion in the future as his new owners!



19 August 2014

Last weekend, WMM John's Golden Rebel became 1st yearling stallions over 32-34" and Reserve European National Grand Champion Junior Stallions!! I'm so proud of this boy!!

Thank you so much for everything, Aline van Laarhoven (Alsira Horses), you're the best trainer I could ever wish for!

30 July 2014

WMM Thriller's Oh Me Oh My has been added to our saleslist.

Amai, who is scanned in foal for a 2015 foal of LTD’s Color Broker, carries substantial overweight, but is a correct mare, studbook registered with the NMPRS. Because we have her full sister, and as we wish to reduce our number of horses, we've now made Amai available for sale.



22 July 2014

WMM Thrillers Drop Dead Gorgeous, who is for sale, is now confirmed in foal for a 2015 foal of Dutch Champion Mini Stallion of the NMPRS WMM Ima Moondrop.

10 July 2014

WMM RU Ready 4This One is sold to Remco Werkhoven. Finally, Remco’s dream has come true. He has been crazy about Peanut for so long, and now he was able to buy her. We wish Remco all the happiness in the world with this wonderful filly!

WMM Velvets Mid Knight Surprise is sold to Francis Wolf. We wish Francis lots of success with breeding and hope that buying Speedy enables her to start a wonderful breeding programme.

WMM John's Golden Rebel has been added to the saleslist. This young show colt has already proven himself in the show ring, we have great expectations of him. It's only because we have too many stallions that he's offered for sale.

Because we lost Mary Lou, WMM CB’s Shez Got the Look is no longer for sale. We will now retain this daughter of CB for our own breeding- and show programme.


WMM John's Golden Rebel

Photo: Kim Hennevelt


30 June 2014

Saturday 28 June 2014, the NMPRS show for one/two year olds in Bunschoten:

What a day... How jubilation over beautiful premiums suddenly got replaced by sheer horror. My gorgeous Mary Lou died all of a sudden. In the morning we were so very proud of her wonderful 1B premium, and a few hours later she was gone. How or what we will never know, she collapsed in the trailer. The veterinarian thinks most likely due to cardiac arrest or a ruptured aorta. Chest compressions and ventilation were of no avail.

I would like to thank everybody who helped for all your support and assistance. Also to the NMPRS, in particular Tineke Varkevisser, a deepfelt thank you for everything. A feeling of unreality dominates here now. My future, our cuddly toy and apple of our eye is no longer there. Alsira Horses, Aline and Simonne and Raymond, also for you a lot of strength and a very big hug. Nothing could be done about this.

WMM CB's Hello Mary Lou, R.I.P.
I was so proud of you. Love you...

27 June 2014

Results of the show at Moorsele, Belgium on 21 and 22 June 2014:



14 June 2014

At the ICAMH Extravaganza of 7 and 8 Juni 2014, WMM Johns Golden Rebel got 3rd place with judge 1 and 1st place with judge 2 in yearling stallions!



04 June 2014

Show results 31st May 2014, Mini’s with Spirit at Massenhoven, Belgium:

Marylou and Rebel were trained and shown by Aline van Laarhoven of Alsira Horses. Socks and Velvet were shown by Tina Duinkerken of T&H Stables. Super thanks to the both of you!


13 May 2014

The last one! Beautiful girls need more time for the perfect finishing! I am so happy with this gorgeous filly foal! Another Velvet daughter! The dam is WMM Miss Satin Kiss of LTD's, so we named their daughter WMM Just a Velvet Kiss.


08 May 2014

WMM Ima Milk and Honeydrop has been sold to Kay Ruymaekers from Belgium. Honey will move house when she has been weaned off Blondy.
We hope very much that her new owners will tremendously enjoy little Honey!


24 April 2014

We are happy with two new foals!

On the 17th of April, the bay mare WMM Thrillers Just Teasin Ya (Thriller x Sisi) was born.

And on the 22nd of April, Symphony gave birth to WMM Pattons Late Night Audition, a silver dapple pinto stallion with one blue eye, sired by DT Midnight Painted Patton.



20 April 2014

WMM John's Golden Rebel has made his show debut at the ICAMH Spring Fling Show (19/20 April 2014) in yearling stallions over 30" up to and incl. 32" Level 2, and he won his class!

Rebel is in training with Alsira Horses in Belgium and I am very happy with this first result. Thank you, Aline!


17 April 2014

Born on 11th April 2014: Grace and Velvet's son WMM Velvets Blaze of Glory, stable name Blaze. This silver bay AMHR/NMPRS colt is a full brother to the 2013 black mare BB.

And there is an alteration in our saleslist: today, we have decided to make WMM I'm Just a Velvet Playboy available for sale.


7 April 2014

Today, WMM Thrillers Drop Dead Gorgeous has been added to the sales list. I need to make choices and there are a couple of young mares and foals who are on my "keep" list.

Blondy will be covered and is offered together with her filly foal WMM Ima Milk and Honeydrop by foot as 3-in-1 package. Blondy and Honey are also available seperate from one another.


6 April 2014

In the 2014 breeding season, WMM Velvet's Impressive Buckeroo is at stud with T&H Stables.

His breeding fee (excluding stabling and veterinary care) for AMHA/AMHR mares is € 750 and for NMPRS mares € 500. For the breeding conditions, please contact T&H Stables.

5 April 2014


Moondrop and Velvet

What a day at the NMPRS Stallion Licensing of 5 April 2014, I am so happy and proud as breeder!



Many thanks to Tina and Huub (T&H Stables) for the way in which you have trained Velvet and let him regain his confidence, he is looking really great!

And many thanks to Hein and Anneke (Marschwood) for the way Moondrop was presented! Hein, lots of respect for the training and how Moondrop looked, and that while you were fighting your own battle for your health.

You are all top of the bill and have made me as breeder feel too big for my boots! Splendid!

4 April 2014

After a gestation of only 307 days, this beautiful little girl came into the world. She needs time to strenghten and unfold, but she is looks ever so promising! Very happy with her indeed!

The name of this bay pinto filly, who was born on the 4th of April 2014, will be: WMM Deputy’s Cookie N Dream.


2 April 2014

Another girl is born: on the 31st of March, Blondy foaled WMM Ima Milk and Honeydrop, a palomino pinto filly with 2 blue eyes.

Straight out of the fields, green as grass, washed, clipped, and photographed, today he has been added to the WMM "for sale" page: WMM Velvet Forgot my Sock.
Initially, we had intended to keep Socks as driving pony for ourselves. However, as we recently bought another driving pony, there is no need to run on Socks and go ahead with the plan to have him gelded. Socks is a gorgeous 2-year-old colt, the true type sports pony, with whom somebody could possibly score big in the future. So why should we hold on to him any longer? He deserves a place of his own, perhaps with some lady friends in the future, perhaps in sports. Therefore, we have decided to put Socks up for sale.
Socks is totally correct, with huge movement and he is also already complete as a stallion having 2 neatly decended testicles. Currently, he measures 36,75” at the last hair of the mane and 97cm at the withers, so he is a pretty tall young man. The perfect size for working. Also, he might become a successful contender at the AMHR shows.
If you desire more information about this wonderful young colt, don't hesitate to contact us!


26 March 2014

On the 21st of March, Future gave birth to a wonderful silver dapple pinto colt with 1 blue eye: WMM I'm Just a Velvet Playboy.

Also, we have decided to make Peanut available for sale. For more information on this 2-year-old, bay pinto LWO+ mare, please see WMM RU Ready 4This One.

11 March 2014

It's a filly!! I'm really happy! It was a red bag but I got her in time and she's doing fine.

Her name will be WMM CB's Shez Got The Look, barn name "Loeki".


2 March 2014

Don't know who called, but thank you for calling. It's past midnight, I was asleep. Really really really didn't expect WMM Thriller's Oh Me Oh My to give birth. Was at the stalls feeding hay a little before 23.00 hours, everything was quiet. Nothing going on. Since Amai's bag was a lot smaller then it was yesterday, I went to bed, certainly not expecting her to foal. It was a colt, a very beautiful frame overo son of LTD's Color Broker - RIP little man. What a way to start foaling season.

13 January 2014

As from today, the WMM foal planning for 2014 can be viewed at the page "foals".

Two of our mares, Shadow Boxs Calamity and Double A Cheyanne, are having some health issues and we have therefore retired them from breeding.

8 September 2013

In the meantime, two more foals are born: Sisi foaled a filly sired by Thriller, and a beautiful palomino colt resulted from the combination Satin x Mr John. Rebel, Satin's colt, will be put in training in Belgium and attend the shows next year.

Also, WMM Velvet Hit the Jackpot and WMM Velvet Windchaser have both been sold and moved house.


19th April 2013

Very happy that Velvet now also knows how to make "girls"!! His daughter WMM Velvet Stole my Heart (D: LTD's Magical Grace ) is born on 18th April 2013 and is a black beauty!

WMM After the Storm and his dam Lucky Four Silvers Sparkling have been sold to Remco Werkhoven. We wish him lots of success and good times with this little rascal and his mum. We look forward to seeing Storm in the show ring!

21st March 2013

Here are, at last, the photos of WMM Dynamics Eagle Design. He had a rough start but is now doing really well indeed! I am so very proud of this foal (sire: Fallen Ash Eagles Dark n Dynamic), it is exactly what I had hoped for when buying his dam Fallen Ash Eagles Second Symphony. The two of them make a beautiful pair!

Unfortunately, there is also sad news. Double A Cheyanne has lost her foal and will now be retired from breeding. We are pleased to be able to say though, that Cheyanne herself is now doing okay. She is not running a fever and eats and drinks well.



10th March 2013

As foal number four of this season, WMM Velvets Mid Knight Surprise was born on the 25th of February.

Because of his superfast delivery, this son of WMM Velvet's Impressive Buckeroo and WMM Thriller's Hope for the Future was aptly named "Speedy"!

21st February 2013

Nearly a month after her due date, the foal of Shadow Boxs Calamity finally was born on 20 February. A black frame overo filly, sired by Magic Mans Thriller.

WMM Thrillers Chrystal Snow has colour on both ears, only the tips, on the end of her back and above her tail. Further, she is all white.



15th February 2013

On the 12th of February, foal number 2 of 2013 was born: WMM After The Storm.

This black pinto grey colt by Libertymeres Velvet Buckeroo and out of Lucky Four Silvers Sparkling is really a picture!

7th February 2013

The foaling season at Whistle Mountain Miniatures is off to a flying start with the birth of WMM Velvet Windchaser, our first foal of the year 2013!

Chase was born on the 5th of February. He is a son of our stallion WMM Velvet's Impressive Buckeroo and the first foal of WMM Thrillers Drop Dead Gorgeous.


30 January 2013

Magic Mans Three Times a Charm has been sold to Marianne and Jozef of Stal de Ark. It is my sincere hope that she will prove to be just as super a broodmare for them as she has always been for me.

28 January 2013

Since a few days, our cameras are back online! These are the links to the cameras that are focused on our mares in foal: Link for Website | Link for iPhone/iPad/iPod.

Regrettably, WMM Thrillers Oh Me Oh My prematurely lost her foal end November 2012. She will be covered again next year.

WMM Thrillers Simply Elegant is no longer for sale. She is now to become Isabella's horse, because Elly is so very sweet and calm and is great with the little girl.

24 October 2012

For the 2013 breeding season all our stallions are available at stud for a limited number of AMHA and/or AMHR outside mares of good quality. Place your bookings in time, to make sure that your mare is one of the few!

Magic Mans Thriller will be offered for a few outside breedings for the first time!
What do you think of LTD's Color Broker? Full brother of Magic Man of LTD!
And of course our youngest stallion, WMM Velvet's Impressive Buckeroo, who has already sired some truly awesome foals for us!

For breeding conditions, please click here.

22 October 2012

Whistle Mountain Miniatures is really proud to announce the purchase of an awesome mare: Fallen Ash Eagles Second Symphony! A wonderful daughter of Fallen Ash Farms Eagle Scout with on the dam side Glenns General Patton as her grandsire, a bloodline that I am really exited about.

Symphony is due in March 2013 for a foal sired by Fallen Ash Eagles Dark n Dynamic, who is also by Eagle Scout. We are very eagerly looking forward to this linebred foal!

Symphony will be transported to quarantine at the beginning of November and thus expected to arrive in The Netherlands in December. We are ever so grateful to Merry Black of Brookhaven Miniature Horses for granting us the opportunity to add this wonderful mare to our breeding!

19 October 2012

19 October was the day of the arrival of Lucky Four Silvers Sparkling and Solid Gold TCS Love Note. We had bought both mares last Spring already, but as both still had a foal by foot they could not move here until their foals were weaned. Below, a few pictures of their arrival at WMM.

October 2012

WMM I Found My Thrill & WMM Velvet's Best Bet Yet have both been sold to Christien Schiltkamp of Show Time Stables in Tolbert, The Netherlands. We wish Christien tons of fun with these 2 wonderful stallions and hope to greet her at future shows.

WMM Chief Tomahawk has been sold to Ricardo & Amber Dorst from Zegge, The Netherlands. With them, Chief will have his own herd, like he deserves! We hope that Ricardo & Amber will enjoy Chief for a long time.

WMM Thrillers White Chick has been sold to Tom van de Putte and Sophie Menheere, Stal de Witte Gracht in Belgium. We wish Tom and Sophie all the luck in the world with this great mare and we hope she will present them with wonderful foals in the future.

September 2012

After the last show of the season, WMM Sheza Special Edition has been sold to Marije Rademaker of Dream Team Miniatures. Marije, we wish you all the best with this special mare!

LTD's Mystery Cowgirl has also found a new home, along with her foals from 2011 (WMM Dun Ones Elly May) and 2012 (WMM Shez Walking on Sunshine), at Anja Heppener's Dream Catchers Minipaarden. Anja, we wish you lots of success with these 3 mares!

10th September 2012

Results of the AMHA European Regional Championship Show:

  • European Champion AOTE Senior Mares
  • European Champion Amateur Senior Mares 30" till 34" Lvl 1
  • Senior Mares 30" till 32" - 2nd place
  • Amateur Senior Geldings Lvl 1 - 4th place
  • Adult Showmanship - 2nd place

We congratulate the owners of WMM show horses with all their wonderful results!

July 2012

Results of the ICAMH Summer Show:

  • AOTE Senior Mares - 1st place
  • Amateur Senior Mares 30" till 34" Lvl 1 - 1st place
  • Senior Mares 30" till 32" - 2nd place
  • Reserve Grand Champion Senior Mare
  • Amateur Halter Obstacle - 1st place
  • Senior Geldings 32" till 34"- 3rd place
  • Liberty - 8th place


May 2012

Results of the ICAMH Miniature Extravaganza show:

  • AOTE Senior Mares - 1st place
  • Amateur Senior Mares 30" till 34" - 2nd place
  • Senior Mares 30" till 32" - 3rd place
  • Amateur Senior Geldings - 2nd place
  • Amateur Showmanship - 1st place
  • Adult Showmanship - 1st place
  • Multi Color Stallions & Geldings - 6th place
  • Senior Stallions 30" till 32"- 2nd place

25th May 2012

Today, our last foal of this year has been born. LTD's Mystery Cowgirl has presented us with a beautiful buckskin filly by WMM Thriller's Cloud Walker! We have named her WMM Shez Walking on Sunshine.

2nd May 2012

Our mare Lucky Four Impressive Kashmir has given us a breathtaking foal. We are convinced that this colt WMM I Found my Thrill will follow in the footsteps of his halfbrothers Velvet and Moondrop!

Our mare Sheza Spice Cookie of LTD's also delivered her foal, and her first son WMM Velvets Best Bet Yet (sired by WMM Velvet's Impressive Buckeroo) is ever so small and refined.

We couldn't be happier!


1st May 2012

We would like to share the amazing results the WMM horses obtained at the first show of the year. The last weekend of April, ICAMH organized their annual Spring Fling show and it was truly a "fling" with WMM bred horses.

WMM Chief Tomahawk (presented by Marije Rademaker) got nothing but 1st places in the halter and colour classes! WMM Sheza Special Edition (presented by Marije Rademaker) received her first Reserve Grand Champion title in the senior mares championships! WMM Destiny's Charm Pardon my Color (owned and presented by Lian Janssen) came back in the show ring and got the title Reserve Grand Champion Senior Geldings. But the big winner of this show was WMM Ima Moondrop (owned and presented by Marschwood Miniature Show Horses) with the titles Grand Champion Senior Stallions, Reserve Grand Champion Senior Stallions, and to top it off Supreme Champion of the weekend.

We still get goosebumps thinking back to this weekend!!


14th April 2012

WMM Ima Moondrop became Reserve Champion of the Dutch stallion licensing show 2012!! Moondrop is a son of Magic Mans Dun One and Lucky Four Impressive Kashmir (the dam of our last year's champion, WMM Velvet's Impressive Buckeroo).
Marschwood Miniature Show Horses, good luck with this wonderful stallion, I hope you will have lots of success with him! Watch for Moondrop in the showring!

LTDs Color Broker got a 1st premium with 3rd place at the Dutch stallion licensing show, and this at the age of 18!! We couldn't be more proud, after all these years this stallion finally got what he deserves! Magic Mans Thriller got a 2nd premium. And both stallions got their lifetime approval.


13th April 2012

We are devastated over the loss of WMM Thrillers Smokin Gun this morning. He had to be put down because of a broken hind leg. My paint mare gave him a kick at the wrong place, there was nothing that could be done anymore... We are very sad about the loss of this wonderful gelding, who was going to make his first entrance in the showring this year. RIP Gunnie, you will always be in our heart!

7th April 2012

This week we brought WMM Miss Satin Kiss of LTD's and her foal to the gorgeous stallion Samis VIP Mr John of Elevage de la Buise in France. We can't wait to see the result of this combination!
And, thanks to Cedric, Satins foal WMM RU Ready 4This One now got her new everyday name: Peanut!

We will be saying goodbye to WMM Thrillers Paint Brush, because she has found a new home with Elena Tchistjakova in Russia. Luckily we don't have to wave her out yet, as she won't be making her big move to Russia until her baby WMM CB's Hello Mary Lou has been weaned. We congratulate Strawberrie's new owner with this extraordinary mare!

This week was a week filled with "goodbye's", but also "hello's" are in order as we will be welcoming 2 new mares to our breeding program: Lucky Four Silvers Sparkling and Solid Gold TCS Love Note! We would like to thank Angelique of Silver Spring Farm for giving us the opportunity to purchase these wonderful mares!



3rd April 2012

Our 4th foal of 2012 has been born and we are so pleased with this last present of our sold stallion Magic Mans Dun One! A gorgeous bay pinto filly out of our homebred mare WMM Miss Satin Kiss of LTD's. We named her WMM RU Ready 4This One.

Also, we added several horses to our sales list.

24th March 2012

After a sad start of the foaling season, we are now thrilled to announce 3 new foals here at Whistle Mountain Miniatures: WMM CB's Hello Mary Lou, WMM Velvet Forgot My Sock and WMM Velvet Hit the Jackpot! Visit our foal page to see these 3 beauties!


28th February 2012

Since a few days, our cameras are back online! In the first week we will be testing a few things (among them, which cameras will be used for a better view). But for the fans, here are the cameras that are focused on our mares: Link for Website | Link for iPhone/iPad/iPod.

21st February 2012

WMM CB's Flash Lightning will join Mark, Engelina Ariana and Armand of Sunrise Stables. We wish them lots of success driving this wonderful stallion!

Unfortunately, our new mare Oasis XS Supremes Sincerely Velvet has lost her foal. We were really looking forward to her foal by Vermilyea Farms Show Me The Honey.

January 2012

My health situation is still far from ideal, but hopefully a surgery in the near future will provide some improvement. Yet, the developments within WMM have not come to a stand-still. From now on we will be working to bring the website up-to-date again, and you will be able to follow the WMM news through this medium like before.

15th April 2011

During the previous year-and-a-half, no news has been published on this website. This had to do with my health situation, my pregnancy and the birth of my daughter Isabella. In that period, I have not always been able to adequately respond to e-mails and such, for which I apologise. Thank you for your understanding!


9th April 2011

With pride and joy, we announce that at the NMPRS stallion licensing on Saturday 9th April 2011, WMM Velvet's Impressive Buckeroo has been approved with an 1A premium and the Reserve Championship small size! Many thanks to Hein Marsch, Marschwood Miniature Show Horses, for preparing Velvet for the show and obtaining this result.

Velvet is available at stud. For more information about this stallion, click here.